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Exclusive Culinary Experiences


We offer an exquisite culinary service, crafting and presenting a sophisticated dining experience within the intimate setting of your home. 


Elevate your gatherings with our delectable creations, ensuring they become memorable occasions discussed and cherished for years.


Tonight, We're Staying In


 A truly unique learning experience of gourmet food, signature cocktails, and sauces taught by me for you and your favorite people.  We will prepare a four-course meal consisting of appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert and pair it with the perfect libations.


Learn while you laugh and enjoy the essence of culinary elegance accompanied by dishes and cocktails you will share and use in the future.

Kids Cooking Classes 


Cooking classes are the perfect gift for your son or daughter for any occasion.  I will come to your kitchen and teach your kids and their friends the ABC's of cooking, prep, safe knife skills, and share my passion for food.  Chef coats and hats are the finishing touch as your kids spend an afternoon cooking for YOU! 


A seriously fun way to get your kids on a path of self-reliance and instill enthusiasm for preparing their own meals in the kitchen. Kids love to eat what they have created and have a great time learning new skills.

Our Own Cooking Show!! 


Reno Recipes has a cooking show!  Join myself and Co host Daryl Butterfield once a week.  Sundays at 6PM for an hour of food, laughs, local and national guests.  As we share recipes, stories, art, and whatever is going on in our community that week.  Found live on my Facebook. Or for past episodes visit Youtube: Reno Recipes.

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