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Reno Recipes Team 

Jonathan Chapin

Chef Jonathan Chapin, Owner/Founder/Chef at Reno Recipes, embarked on his culinary journey as a young teen, mastering every aspect from dishwashing to leading kitchens. Progressing swiftly post-high school, he excelled as sous chef, chef de cuisine, and eventually ran his own kitchens.

Taking a unique path, Chef Chapin spent two decades owning a successful musical production company and a vibrant music venue. When Covid emerged, he returned to his culinary roots, cooking to support families, local nonprofits, and those facing challenges with food and finances.

Today, Chef Chapin is a prominent figure, hosting his cooking show and serving as the resident Chef on KOLO 8's "Morning Break Show - KOLO Cooks." His culinary prowess extends to owning the thriving private chef and catering business, RENO RECIPES. Notably, he's featured on Food Network's "Battle of the Decades."

Chef Chapin's diverse journey reflects his passion for both culinary arts and community impact.

Daryl Butterfield

Chef Daryl Butterfield, driven by a passion for culinary excellence, co-founded Zenbu—a celebrated restaurant and live music venue in North Lake Tahoe. Progressing to Los Angeles, I played a pivotal role in redefining restaurants and provided strategic hotel consultancy, contributing to the opening of 11 establishments.


Additionally, my culinary journey includes being featured on Food Network's 'Chef Wanted.' In Teton Valley, PopGato, my venture, curated unforgettable PopUp restaurants and private chef dinners. Specializing in crafting exceptional private chef and catering experiences, I am excited to collaborate with Chef Jonathan Chapin, founder of Reno Recipes, adding a new dimension to our culinary ventures.

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